Volume 5 Release & Discount (KLC Graded Reading Sets)

We have just released Volume 5 of the KLC Graded Reading Sets on iBooks and Kindle!  Volume 5 contains 4,671 exercises covering KLC kanji 701-1000. Thank you very much for your patience while we were preparing this volume.

Book updates

We have uploaded new versions of Volumes 1-3 to incorporate a number of edits. You will know that your book has been updated when the cover changes to the new (variegated) color scheme. If your previously purchased book has not already been updated, please see the instructions on the website.

If you downloaded Volume 1 as a free PDF, you can download the updated version here.

A list of significant edits is available here.

A couple of edit suggestions came in after we made the updates. These will be included in the next round of updates. Many thanks to everyone who suggested one or more edits.

3 thoughts on “Volume 5 Release & Discount (KLC Graded Reading Sets)”

  1. I’m not seeing the new version, even after I deleted the old one and re-downloaded it. I’m using the combined volumes 1-3 on Kindle. Maybe the update only went out for the individual volumes (which I don’t seem to have access to)?

    1. Jacob, Thanks for letting me know. I did make the updates across all volumes, so the problem must be on the Amazon side. For some reason they seem to take a very long time to update things.

      I also experienced the same problem you are having. I could not solve it from my device, only by signing into my personal account on the Amazon website and following these instructions:

      Even then, it took days before the updated version actually appeared.

      I will contact Amazon request that they follow through on these updates. In the meantime, the list of edits linked above will show you all the significant edits in v1-3, which were limited.


    2. Hi Jacob,

      I have an update for you on this.

      I contacted Amazon to find out why the book updates were not being pushed out.

      Amazon replied, “At this time, customers who bought your Kindle book aren’t able to download updates automatically. Sending customers an update may erase notes or highlights they entered. That means the improvements must outweigh the disadvantages. Our technical team is working on improving this process.”

      Although their website describes the Automatic Updates process and gives instructions on how to enable it, they fail to mention that this function is in fact blocked behind the scenes, and that the author has to send in a special request to un-block it, complete with justifications and examples.

      I sent such a request, and am waiting for Amazon to confirm that they pushed out the updates. Once they do, I will announce this via the mailing list, Facebook group, and blog, along with updated instructions on how you can get the updates. In the meantime, please see the revisions log page linked in the blog post above.

      Many thanks for your patience.

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