Kanji dan badges

漢字段位 記章シール

24 stickers cover all KLC kanji dan (stages)
from 50 “Newborn” to 2300 “Spectrum”

Comes with custom tabloid-size mounting sheet

Order direct with PayPal (worldwide):
USD 9.99 + 4.99 shipping

If you have a group and would like to order several sets at a discount, send this auto email.

Also available on Amazon.com for USD 14.99 + shipping (if any)
(USA only)

Order with kanji chart to save on both

Order with kanji chart & kana chart to save on all three

Give yourself some positive reinforcement by marking each new kanji stage you reach with a colorful self-adhesive kanji badge representing your new level. Each badge’s kanji is associated with a stage of learning; for example, the badge for Stage 1 (ichi-dan) stands for “Newborn”, while the badges for advanced stages stand for “Kanjinaut”, “Kanjisseur”, “Kanjedi”, etc.

Badge colors progress in gradients through the full spectrum of colors, culminating in a rainbow badge for completing the last kanji in the course, #2300 虹 (RAINBOW).

The mounting sheet shows the KLC stage progression, Japanese pronunciation, and English title for each stage.

* Circular badges (stickers): 42.4 mm / 1.67 in diameter
* Mounting sheet: 279 x 432 mm / 11 x 17in
* Mounting sheet is folded in half for PayPal orders
* In the product image above, kanji appear smaller in the mounting sheet because it is twice the size of the sticker sheet.
* Badges are printed on glossy paper.
* Not suitable for outdoor use.

An ideal gift for any KLC user