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For the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course (KLC)

  • I am convinced that there is not another book on the market to beat it for teaching non-native speakers kanji quickly and effectivelyC. Cameron
  • I’m pretty sure I looked through 90% of all the available resources on learning kanji and this is, without a doubt, the best one I’ve come across yet. – Jomteon
  • As a kanji learning tool, this book has no peer… Absolutely essential for all students of Japanese!R. Nagell
  • Don’t bother with any other kanji course, get this one! I highly recommend the KLC to anyone studying Japanese, no matter their level. You couldn’t ask for a better resourceLathaniel Mejías
  • A tremendous book – I can’t imagine a better means of learning to read Japanese, whether you aim to build vocabulary for speaking and listening purposes or you are a scholar looking to access written texts over your career. Conning’s extraordinarily thoughtful approach clearly reflects careful examination of the learning process; a lot of value-added. Darin Bellisario
  • The best of the best. – Diego A. Gutierrez
  • For me, this book provides the most accessible and complete system for adult learners attempting to tackle the daunting world of kanji. Its genius is in balancing scholarly depth with accessibility. One of the best Japanese learning resources out there. – Rich Sanford

For the KLC Graded Reading Sets

  • For combined volumes 1-3 (iBooks) (Kindle)
    In six years of “studying” Japanese, I can definitely say this is hands-down in my TOP 2 best Japanese study materials. Along with the author’s previous book, The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course, which gets the #1 spot on my list, this is an absolute must. I can’t say enough about the quality of these graded reading sets, as it’s obvious the author put a lot of time and effort into creating them. The example sentences provide a solid understanding of the actual kanji used in various contexts. Some kanji have up to 30 example items, and the examples the author used were also fantastic. The advantage compared to every other Japanese language study material is that you can actually see and understand the kanji in different forms, which greatly helps remembering them. I think this is best used side-by-side with the KKLC, but if you’ve already advanced quite well through the kanji, you’ll still find this useful. I personally wish there were a printed version, but that’s not enough to justify anything lower than 5 stars. Overall I can’t give anything but praise for this. – Alex Williams
  • This Graded Reading Sets series looks fantastic! This provides something no other kanji learning method does: carefully curated, increasingly complex context to add value to the kanji learning experience. – Àlex Zerkalo
  • This series is honestly such a godsend when paired with the Kanji Learner’s Course. It’s clear a lot of time went in to this and it really helps cement your understanding of the kanji characters and gives you invaluable reading practice.…. If you struggle with kanji, this series will really help you! – “Cha_rris

For the KLC Green Book

  • Five stars: Perfect companion to [the] Kanji Learner’s Course. – W. Michael Ealem

For the KLC Wall Chart

  • This wall chart is an excellent study guide! I found the kanji were all simple to read and clearly printed on the wall chart, and there were numbers on the side so you could easily use the [KLC] book as a reference to look up readings/meaning of said kanji. The chart is high quality … makes a hell of a nice piece of wall art in its own right!P!
  • The layout is perfect: This chart is a very valuable learning aid, the layout is perfect and on top of all this chart’s assets it’s beautiful..I would recommend to anyone learning Kanji. THANKSGary W. Calhoun
  • Great thing to have around: The poster is actually a lot nicer looking than the picture illustrates so I was pleasantly surprised. It … gives you another way to practice and also lets you put your study in context so that you know where you are and where you’re going which I find helpful. Overall very pleased. – G. Palaia

For The Ultimate Kana Wall Chart

  • Love the chart, can’t wait for more! Great chart! This has really helped my studies, and the layout really packs in a lot of interesting information. I like the design in that this product is more than just a quick reference chart: it’s also a wonderful bit of linguistic and historical context. – Gordon C.
  • Excellent chart: loaded with great information in addition to the kana. One of the best things: Typically with these posters the “better” ones are designed for children. This one has a very professional appearance, which is nice if you don’t need smiling cartoon characters and flowers on your chart. Author genuinely cares about making a useful product. Highly satisfied with the purchase. – Martin