The KLC Green Book

Writing Practice Workbook
The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course

KLC 漢字書き方練習帳

“Five stars. Perfect companion to [the] Kanji Learner’s Course.”
– W. Michael Ealem

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(115 pages)

The Kanji Learner’s Course Green Book offers the most convenient way to practice the writing of all 2,300 kanji in The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course.

Even today when most learners are focused on learning to read kanji rather than to write them, handwriting practice remains essential. Integrating hand-eye coordination with the kinesthetic experience of each kanji’s stroke sequence, handwriting improves your ability to recognize each kanji, grasp intuitively how it is put together, and distinguish it from lookalikes.

Designed to help you use your study time most efficiently, this simple little workbook contains just the right quantity of writing spaces — four large spaces followed by seven small spaces — to give you enough practice for each character. It also offers you:

Convenience:  Following the Kanji Learner’s Course sequence entry by entry, the Green Book makes it easy for you to structure the right amount of handwriting practice into your study routine, experience a sense of creative accomplishment, and exploit the Course’s full value.

A broad overview of groups of related kanji:  Displaying forty kanji per spread, it also allows you to survey the Course’s graphically related groupings, consider the similarities and differences among nearby characters, and fully absorb how each kanji’s unique features and composition relate to its meaning.

A good solution for mastering stroke order: Each entry contains both a guide character and tracing characters, but deliberately excludes stroke order to allow you to develop an independent mastery of kanji composition. The main Course book provides stroke order diagrams for when you need them, but this will not be very often provided you follow the Course’s graphically cumulative sequence and practice writing each kanji in the Green Book.

Guidance for mastering proper stroke forms:  Both the guide characters and the practice squares are cross-hatched to help you achieve precise form.

Savings:  Standard genkôyôshi manuscript paper typically costs around $7-12 online. The Green Book is priced near the bottom of this range while offering unique convenience for users of the Kanji Learner’s Course.

A good writing instrument

This workbook contains spaces for writing 25,300 characters. It is well worth investing in a quality writing instrument for the task. For ease of use in both large and small spaces, consider purchasing a good 0.5 mm mechanical pencil.

For a challenge, consider trying your skills with a quality brush pen for writing in the large writing spaces.