The KLC Wall Chart

KLC 漢字学習図表

A sequential mosaic of 2300 characters

and 4400 illustrative example words


“This chart is a very valuable learning aid, the layout is perfect and on top of all this chart’s assets it’s beautiful..I would recommend to anyone learning Kanji. THANKS”
Gary W. Calhoun

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The Kanji Learner’s Course Wall Chart sequentially arranges all 2,300 KLC kanji in a beautiful six square foot mosaic.

 The entire KLC on one sheet!  The KLC Wall Chart is an ideal companion tool for The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course (KLC), the most effective tool available today for mastering kanji & kanji-based vocabulary. Displaying the full KLC kanji spectrum from #1 日 SUN to #2300 虹 RAINBOW, this amazing chart allows learners to survey the Course’s graphically related groupings, note the similarities and differences among nearby kanji, and fully absorb how each character’s unique features relate to its meaning. Unlike any screen or book-based learning tool, this large-scale physical display allows learners to make an organized and comprehensive mental map of all the kanji they learn.

 A beautiful way to learn.  The chart displays each kanji and example word in a lovely brushstroke font on colored tiles. Together these tiles form a striking mosaic revealing the word 漢字 (kanji). The aesthetically pleasing display is perfect for casual browsing and stimulates one’s desire to learn.

 An ideal review tool. The illustrative example words are carefully selected to provide an instant review of each kanji’s meanings and readings. As the example words include only such kanji as have previously been learned, browsing the chart provides automatic review of earlier kanji. Learners can easily look up any kanji or word by using the guide numbers to locate the corresponding KLC entry.

 A perfect gift for any student of Japanese.  To novice learners the chart offers a stimulating challenge and an organized learning pathway, while to advanced learners it offers a vivid record of personal accomplishment and a delightful review tool. It fits in a wall space two feet (61cm) wide, making it perfect for either classroom or home display.