Volume 4 Release & Discount (KLC Graded Reading Sets)

We have just released Volume 4 of the KLC Graded Reading Sets on iBooks and Kindle! Volume 4 consists of 3,966 exercises containing over 23,000 kanji. Thank you very much for your patience while we were preparing this volume.

Automatic book updates

Many thanks everyone who provided feedback on volumes 1-3. In the next few days I will upload new versions of these volumes to incorporate a number of edits. To make sure you receive all the updates to any volumes you have already purchased, please see these instructions.

Missing spaces in Kindle versions

Kindle users may notice an occasional missing space in the English text, such as the missing space between “form” and “of” in 136-9. Unfortunately this is caused by Kindle’s data processing system, which for some reason fails to read spaces in a few places. I tried compensating by using a double space in these spots, but then Kindle correctly read those as a double spaces, resulting in the opposite error. In the end, I decided to submit my data to Kindle with no spacing errors, report the issue to them, and hope that they will sort it out. I apologize for the inconvenience. Many thanks to Jim Zorn for bringing this issue to my attention.

If you have access to the iBooks version, their system is much better and does not generate such errors. It also has Scrolling View (iOS only), which allows you to display the unglossed Japanese text of each exercise before displaying its phonetic guide and English equivalent.

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