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    Rick Nobleman
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      In the Graded Reader Volume 1 PDF, it says on Page 12:

      “Genki”: Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese, 2nd Edition, by Eri Banno et al. (the most
      popular traditional textbook). References to chapters 1-2 refer to Volume 1, while those to chapters 13-
      23 refer to Volume 2.

      I believe it should say chapters 1-12, not 1-2, to Volume 1.

      Also, it says Marx has a second volume, v2, but as far as I have found that has not yet been published.

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        Hi Rick,

        Thanks for this very helpful feedback. I will update the pdf to correct the Genki reference.

        Before I released the GRS I reached out to Mr. Marx to ask him to check whether my chapter references were accurate. He mentioned he had another volume forthcoming, and so I asked him to send me the chapter listings for that as well, so I wouldn’t have to do my grammar gloss references all over again. At that stage it seemed like his v2 was going to be released prior to my GRS, but obviously it must have been delayed. I assume it will be released very soon.

        Very best,

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