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    Rick Nobleman
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      On Page 47 of Volume 1, Kanji 1 – 100, there is a chart labeled “Average kanji content per entry for every 100 kanji entries.” The text after the chart says “As the chart indicates, you will read an average of roughly 36 kanji per entry in this first volume.”

      Using the cross reference sheet, I calculated that average number of kanji in the entries for the first 50 kanji is about 2.7 kanji per entry. The next fifty entries have more kanji per entry, so they will raise the average some, but definitely not up to 36 per entry. In fact, the entry with the most kanji in the first volume is #71-15 with 15 kanji, so I’m not sure how 36 was determined. Could you perhaps have counted kana and kanji in the total instead of only kanji? Even that count in my estimation would not likely reach and average of 36 per entry, as many entries are short.

      I’m enjoying volume 1 graded reader and the KLC. Thanks for your good work on it!


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        Hi Rick,

        Thanks for your feedback! By “entry”, I was referring to each kanji entry, including all the individual exercises for that kanji. That is, the number of kanji for entry #71 would include all the kanji in 71-15 plus all the kanji in the other exercises for that entry.

        I apologize for any confusion. Do you have any suggestion as to how to phrase it clearly? Maybe I should write “kanji entry” instead. I will make a note of your comments for the next update.

        Thanks for your helpful comment as well as your kind words on the other thread. Best wishes for the holidays!


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        Rick Nobleman
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          Ah, that makes sense in retrospect. Thanks for the clarification. Maybe it was just me who misunderstood. For me an entry is a uniquely numbered item. So, there’s a set of entries for each kanji. One way to rephrase it would be:

          Chart label: “Average number of kanji included per set of entries for every 100 kanji.”

          Subsequent text: “Each kanji has a set of 5 to 20 entries, and, as the chart indicates, an average of 36 kanji appear per set in kanji 1 – 100 (this volume).”

          Or, perhaps:

          Subsequent text: “As the chart indicates, an average of roughly 36 kanji appear in the combined entries for each kanji in this first volume.”

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              Rick, Thanks for your help! I put your comments with my list of things to check on the next update. Much appreciated. ASC

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