Graded Reader Vol. 5?

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      Just noticed that Volume 5 is available on Kindle Store since Sep 6, but there was no info about it neither here nor in Amazon Updates (and no discount either). Why??

      Not that I myself will need it in the near future (still at 300, heh)…

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        Hey BoddAb!

        Thanks for your question. I initially published it Sept 6 just to test it out and make sure everything was working with the “real thing” (rather than just on Amazon’s previewing system, which is not 100% reliable). After that I input the discount, but did not announce the release until I could confirm that the discounted price was in effect. It can take a while between when the price is changed and when Amazon actually puts it into effect.

        You can now take advantage of a 20% discount through Tuesday, September 12. I plan to go back to a 30% opening discount for subsequent volumes. Since this Vol. 5 discount is only 2 USD, you might want to wait until you get to this level, just in case your plans change and you switch to Arabic or something!

        Good luck on your way to カク/Waking!


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